28 December , 2015

Why am I sinking?

siningparrot copy

Because you are a bird

vis-1 copy

I am drowning

siningparrot copy

having trouble breathing?

shark-1 copy

There is something wrong with this sea, thank the nine, I have no opinion on this.

face-shark copy

I am afraid to go any nearer the shore, for if the sons of men see me they will kill me.

shark-2 copy

Polly wants a cake

siningparrot copy

Why is there a parrot this deep in the sea?, I better alert my friend the diver to come take a look at this. He will know what to do.


This is a unique situation, I think its time we warn someone about this. We don’t want parrots floating around here.

duiker copy

Thank you Mr. Diver I will report this to the queen of the sea so she will know what to do. Parrots do not belong sinking into the sea.

zeemeermin-1 copy

Calm down my dear, We will seek guidance from the nine fish. They will tell us how to behave in a situation such as this

zeemeermin-2 copy

My beloved queen, an unfounded sinking parrot has been seen. Are there ways to prevent this attack from above? WHAT SHOULD WE DO !?

zeemeermin-1 copy

I, the squid say we should wait with warning the nine fishes until we know more about this parrot. I will use the dead skeleton to look at his past. Then we will be sure.

octopus copy

This is the house where the parrot was born. it has answered the call of the dead skeleton. What would you like to know?

huis copy

I, the worm who lived in the rain gutter of the house in his last litter, can tell you that his years in the egg were difficult.” He wanted to leave before he was ready.

nest copy

Out of the past the foetus answered, that was what happened, I came out to early. My parents did not like that.

parrot-in-ei copy

I am the father of this child. He was early to rise but now I see he has sunken deep. This is sad to me. I have no further useful information on this.

papa-gaai copy

I do have more information. You cheated on your wife and stole my egg and let your wife hatch his egg. You have no shame, old man.

nog-een-vogels copy

That is why I made his egg hatch faster, I wanted to get rid of the little retard as soon as possible.

mama-gaai copy

I picked him up from the street. The poor little thing. I let him dance and sing. He was good and made a decent amount of money so I had a fun It was possible to buy a puppet show, then he left me because he wanted to see the world with that slobbering idiot girl, stupid bird..

poppenkast copy

Archibald was fun, he didn’t like wearing clothes, but he could get away with it because he was a bird. After the robbery he left me dying on the muddy road where I perished from multiple stab wounds. That wasn’t fun.

drool copy

Before he met us I had a nice family of garden gnomes, when he left we were all in pieces. I got glued back together but developed ornithophobia. It was a dark time to see him mimicking a statue in the garden. This lasted for years. Then we rebelled.

kabouter copy

He was a great man and a fellow traveller for many years. He treated me like an equal instead of a guy with a rabbit and a train for a gut with ovenmits on. That’s remarkable for a parrot.

konijntreinmaagman copy

His Betrayal was all the more harsh because I was not expecting to be tricked by a bird.

meisje copy
It was night, We were on a mission for the nine. He decides to go on a mission creep for his own glory and we almost die. Luckily dog here saved the day. I hate that

vrouw-met-hond copy
As an another animal I would say I was quite jealous of his charm, wit and success with the female mammals. I don’t really know that much about him since I only weaved a web in a room where
Archie once was.
It was a good web though.

paalspin copy

He used to say that we get so old, if we don’t die sooner we will simply get old. That was his justification for doing anything.

rare-vrouw copy

He gave me this human, which was reckless because I love to eat humans

vrouw-met-vis copy

I am the dancing ice cream, I am the dancing Iiiiiiiiiicecreeeeeeeeam!!, I want more drama in my live and he gave it to me. that’s what he did. he gave it.. something…important to me. The frolicking ice cream…. (To dramatic?, well lick me up and down and call me melty…..)

dansende-ijsman copy

Now that I have appeared here in the depths of the parrot, it is certain that the parrot has gone mad due to lack of oxygen to his brain. I am like an artificial womb tea table bucktoothed carnival octopus.

babyoctopustafelmachine copy

I met Archibald when I bought my first ship and I needed a parrot to become a proper pirate. It is irritating that the governing bodies still insist on this practice. His rates where reasonable. He was a good parrot as far as I am concerned

oudeman copy

I am still sinking, but I am not dead yet. A thought has occurred to me and it wants to live. It’s a greedy thought. its taking my live. You can see it know. Just come closer.

kleurenarchibald copy
The sphere within the parrot 001
The sphere within the parrot 002
The sphere within the parrot 003
The sphere within the parrot 004
The sphere within the parrot 005
The sphere within the parrot 006
The sphere within the parrot 007


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