31 December , 2014

From: Girl with the black tank top [mailto:] Sent: First day, First month, 0:00:02 To: Long-blooded beard Subject: A personal god and an immortal life are fictions (Archived on 0000-00 -0: 00: 45) Conclusion: A personal god and an immortal life are fiction. That is what he would do to you and if some of the men of war would come after you “than Vehan (port city) is the only place I know” and you better avoid that city. This saddened me and you loaned a gold watch for sixteen seconds shortly before eternity. I had the privilege of being allowed to throw a heavenly glow over the present world. You and the others climbed out and landed on the floor like a group of friends. The large yellow-eyed girls failed to kill you. You went from a man with yellow eyes to someone who had a pretty good hat on. You did not tell me to be better than a suicide and a murderer. “You will be the beginning of wisdom, going away from evil will be your advice, it brought me poverty and from there to this unfortunate place” When the money started, my love became extreme. The good communal function of the world was an accusation and the rich last moments of his whole life were in the service of obtaining a state of normality. It becomes difficult to stop myself, I had to stop the lagging in my arms. The green space would have seen through it. For a moment we shared a feeling in his stomach, before that I told the prisoner not to talk about it any more. The crime for which he died, he spoke infamously and repeatedly and with a powerful voice and for the short time he was taken away, however misplaced, it was a testament to the great advantages he had. “gods and devils are the same creations of a false spirit.” The white power of my teeth and fingers made strange things with you. “You will not do that, you march and kill it, then you have to bring it back to life or die yourself.” It is the clarity of the evidence that was given to me while I was pillaged, and I was free to go back with the cop, but he remained inflexible, continued to stick to his stubbornness to such heights that my lips and tongue stuck a blade of passion at you, the arms and body of mine, at the same time very pregnant. What child came out of her old armchair ?. I prayed on my knees a few meters away. let’s hear the hell leave before your life is shit. What possible connection like the sudden rise in popularity of a hardened script which God was made flesh. His son is his loving obedience to God’s own law never considered by him. “Why not?” You speak as I did when she checked my brains. They found that beautiful woman was waiting for you .. Sleep came but the dream was gone, I saw you engaged. thoughts of death threw him into violent pains. He was made man, husband and wife so they were comfortable and involved in controversy which now turns out to be of no consequence. While I … “it’s already good”. The big man walked away, but the gentlemen stopped him. A notorious highwayman who concentrated on driving. He could wait, he decided. He had no money with him and I tried to believe that. I remember the words, with an open face, we are not like the masses of pagan worldly writers, but not so unlike the pain and stress you have brought to me. When you were told that. I would come my to intention after I had landed to start a magazine. But that idea was closed by you, taken away from my mind. One memory !, a memory of our meetings that were quite long. My comments were addressed to you but you were distracted and perhaps upset. I would tell them of their faults and shortcomings so that they would see where the sound came from? The antenna swung back and forth when you tried to find the best men who were faithful to your wish. You are accountable to the government that does not pay you to play games. You were informed and for a moment you stood there watching before you went to town. But to return to the thief, highwayman and friend “I can not leave this planet”. you turned to me “where can we find an expert?” A house breaker who lets people draw their own conclusions and pleads guilty. I explained that after we had bought some dirty leather bags that were true to a few florins, the same value as our sovereign. Sincerely MMHZT. Longbeard did not understand this at all. He also did not have time to read it all because the nine fish gods where over his little boat. Langbaard closed his laptop and went outside to talk to the gods. There were nine fish gods. Each with its own specialty: Betrayal, certainty, greed, jealousy, mission-creep, pain, recklessness, justification and drama. Certainty moved his enormous head to the pirate whom he politely greeted when he came out of his cabin. Long beard’s senses were overwhelmed with smelly fish breath when Security asked him: “We want you to investigate a murder.” This confused Langbaard. He did not know how to solve murders. “Why do you want me to do that?”, “I have no idea how to do that” Mission creep said “You’ll learn it soon enough, Here’s some gold and diamonds to hire people to help you with your quest” The pirate was happy with the gold but disappointed that he had to give it to other people. He asked “and what do I get ?, if I do this?” Drama replied: “You get the love of your life back, the girl with the black top” The pirate fell to his knees of happiness but the fish gods did not give him time to enjoy his feelings. Pain said: “These are photos of the crime scene”. Justification said: “study them well before you choose the people you need to solve the riddle”. “I thought it was a murder,” Langbaard thought in his head.

The 9 fish gods

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