13 January , 2015

Before longbeard got the chance to respond to the orders of the fish gods, they disappeared below sea level. The fisherwoman had arrived. She wanted revenge on the fish gods. She had thrown her fish hook in the middle of the school of fish gods when they were talking to Langbaard and they were shocked when that happened. The fisherwoman was so big that she could stand in the ocean and she came running through the water in the direction of Longbaard’s ship to see if she had caught something. She was disappointed when she saw that was not the case and wanted to turn around to continue on her revenge mission when she saw a langbaard’s ship. She ducked under water and approached his ship unseen. Longbeard himself was very surprised at the sudden disappearance of the gods. “Maybe it’s something I said, what do you think Archibald?” Archibald the parrot was too scared to answer because he saw the gigantic face of the fisherman on port side. Langbaard turned to see what the problem was and was so frightened that he kicked Archibald promptly overboard.Longbeard did not notice this. Archibald sank in the depths of the ocean. Long beard had other concerns at that time. “Who are you?” he asked. Carefully the giantess lifted the boat out of the water on her strong and weathered hand and looked at the little pirate man. Then she said: “I am the fisherwoman ……….”

Longbeard looked at her confused. her voice sounded like a different kind of being, so supernaturally beautiful that no music could play it. her voice sounded like a silver bell, Her voice sounded like her sister’s, Her voice sounded like music, Her voice sounded like a million tiny beeps, Her voice sounded like a screeching incantation of an oracle. her voice sounded like the wind on a spring morning. Loudly her voice sounded: “Do you want to hear my story?” Langbaard replied: “I have no objection”. The fisherwoman warned him: “Let me warn you that if I tell you you will be so fascinated that you will link your destiny to mine and help me to get my justice and solve the mystery, but most of all I want you warn that if you do that a certain amount of danger is involved. ” she looked at Longbeard in a fierce manner. “They say I am accustomed to danger, I have lived so long and so close to it that I have lost the feeling for it, you know it is there but you become indifferent … In the end you do not even have to whistle in the dark even if you know what the danger is” “Long ago” The fisherwoman started “I got 7 babies.” “The nine fish gods forbade this and sent someone to the hospital to enslave them for his own use. This person was called Harlequino” Suddenly the fisherwoman started crying Oh, you’ve never seen anyone cry like that, and I hope you never have to go through that, big sobs, it seemed like she could not go on with her story. shiver passed over her body and she covered her eyes as if she wanted to remove a horrible image from her memory, her throbbing bites were hot with fever, her brain was tormented with images of despair and horror. It was too difficult to tell the story verbatim and that is why she placed the images telepathically in the mind of Longbeard,:
the first of which was a man with green peak hair who ran into the hospital entrance with a revolver in his hand and syringes in his pockets. He was tall, thin, and moved like a cross between Groucho Marx and a flamingo. This was Harlequin He burst into the hospital like a crazy crazy maniacally smiling maniac. A hit a door in a patients face with bloody results. The nurses and patients were terrified with this turbulence of danger and distraction. Harlequin grabbed one of the doctors by the neck and placed his revolver on her head. “where is the baby department!” He whispered in her face. Afraid to be killed by this fool she told him where it was. Raging through the corridor of the hospital he grabbed a doctor’s coat and a stethoscope. He also pushed a patient with a broken leg aside. Smiling maniacally he burst into the baby ward where the 7 babies of the fisherwoman lay. He picked up a syringe and pointed his gun at the nurse present. He shot her right in her face. He grabbed a baby by his leg and used the syringe on him. Then on another baby. And two other babies received an injection. when he had injected the 5th baby, a voice sounded dark and drowned in gloom. “Arlecchino …” “stop” “put that baby down!” In the window a spirit of fatigue with bat wings crouched still in place, a sword at his side. He looked like hell on his way to a party. Ready for the chaos. He was dressed in leather and his heart was sincere. “Pipistrelli” shouted Arlecchino “My old friend”. He threw his arms up because he was really happy to see his friend. True friendship does not inspire noble feelings. Pipistrelli answered the warm greeting with a vicious kick in Arlecchino’s face. Arlecchino fell backwards but got a chance to catch his revolver. “Ha-ha, now I have you.” At the same time, the substance that Arlecchino injected into the babies began to work. Their limbs went through an unnatural growth spurt. This was not nice to look at. First the limbs grew one by one after which the baby’s torso adjusted to muscle and skeletal growth. At that time in the fisherwoman’s story, the nine fishes had gathered their strength and nearly overcame their fear. They summoned a beautiful pigeon from their imagination.

A powerful henchman known by the name Dowtrick Eel, A fleshy energetic pigeon and a real watchdog and implant for the machine that had worked with all the officers of the current school of fish and supervised small things which were properly equalized. It evoked gigantic waves that separated long-blooded beards and the fisherwoman. Langnek was disappointed. He had become curious about the end of the story of Pipistrelli and Arlecchino. The fisherwoman, on the other hand, was furious. When the pigeon let the large waves between blood-neck and the fisherwoman descend, she felt inclined to scream at the same speed as the boat washed away from her. But Longbeard was so far away that he no longer heard her. He looked around and missed someone. “where is my parrot?” he wondered. Archibald had fallen into the cold and shark-infected waters of the newly-created ocean, and sunk descending deeper and deeper. The freezing cold took his breath and he knew he was dying. A strange distant voice sang this text as the parrot slowly glided down circled by sharks and other inhabitants of the sea.

In that dead hour of darkness before sunrise. Where the confused and diverging paths can lead. In various suffering for the name of parrot. And murderers and angry men In proud and hot jealousy and cold greed talk about death. Where cold grey water is located. And you look cold or cruel. A voice less cold and heavy than death. Next to the earth-cold figure of her child. As cold and hollow as the eye of death. A grave that they have dug so deep will guide the depths of life and know the tension. Roll through depths of cloud and light. Where the drives lie soft and deep in the silent loneliness. From fields far from whose watery cavities glisten. I see the ocean playing golf; The ocean flashes. Hear his innocent roar. He makes it crazy or makes it grim. The pride that he has dug so deeply will face dead hours of darkness before the dawn And his hollow eye of death will let them see the ocean wave. Then he is mad or makes him grim. From cold grey water we see tangled and diverging paths leading to digging through hot jealousy and cold greed. Oceans and divers … bad men in conversations with death. Where are they now. less cold and heavy from death? We work for the name of the parrot. Where the cold mountains leave deviations soft and deep in the silent loneliness And … and … innocent roar. Extremely cold or cruel murderers crying from clouds and clouds. Vote deep life and know the tension. I see various flashes next to fields far from whose watery cavities glisten In the earth-cold figure of her child.