To make my illustrations, drawings and animations I use a lot of different styles and techniques. Every time I invented a way of making a picture I always wanted to make a story with that style or technique. I discovered that doing it that way would make me get tired of making drawings with the same technique or style. So I never got to finish the stories I started. By making this website I have found the solution for this problem. I make the story and illustrate and animate it with whatever technique or style I like or am trying out at that moment in time.

The story I wanted to tell will be an amalgamation of many of the ideas I had in the past. combined with the drawings and artworks it will grow like a mythology. I like the idea of J.J.R.Tolkien’s mythopoeia. The act of making and creating mythologies.

I started this website where my drawing are connected through a story of their own. I have no plan where the story may go, what media or technique I will use to tell it and if it will have an ending. I hope by telling the story a new mythology will arise which will go places I would not have predicted.

The story on this website “Daylight of Darkness” is the attempt to give my illustrations that mythology: Daylight of darkness

InĀ  news and other art I post news about the a story above, “making of” videos and other creations which are not (yet) connected to the story.


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