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Images made with a camera

flowers flowers

Photographic images of flowers made with an anologue camera

Zoo Zoo

photos of animals taken in a zooo

pretentious photos pretentious photos
Trees and sky calligraphy Trees and sky calligraphy

Black tree lines calligraphy on clouds

moldy peach moldy peach

mouldy peaches are better then ducktaped bananas

Cassette tapes Cassette tapes

The only picture I have of my collection of cassette tapes, I threw th...

Marianne Marianne

A photo of a small statue of the symbol of France...

snailes in beer snailes in beer

If you but a bowl of beer out in the garden the snails will have a par...

Cactus Cactus

A large cluster of cactuses all growing from one flowerpot...


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