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Mark Dalderup | Animals


Drawings of animals

70 geometric cats 70 geometric cats

These are 70 Geometric cats or cats made with mostly straight lines

Dog Dog

Acrylic paintings of misadventures of dogs

dinosaurus dinosaurus

A dinosuarus line art for sketchdaily

Crocodile Crocodile  
Bull sacrifice Bull sacrifice  
secretarybird secretarybird

With its wings outstretched, it represents growth, and its penchant fo...

A weird Horse A weird Horse

A thic horse, you can buy all sorts of crap with this design...

Spike the cat Spike the cat

A portrait fo spike the cat, buy this design on all sort of stuff...

Shark Shark

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Red goat Red goat

Buy a print...

Yellow and striped Cat Yellow and striped Cat

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Angry blue and yellow striped swiping cat Angry blue and yellow striped swiping cat

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Seagull Seagull

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