TL;DR Daylight of darkness
TL;DR Daylight of darkness

The world started. The nine fish gods appeared. They chose sides between good and evil.

The battle started at sea. On the sea a pirate was searching the internet for his girlfriend. The nine fish gods wanted to prevent them from meeting. They attack his ship. The pirate’s girlfriend sends him a confusing e-mail. The pirate did not have time to answer. The fish gods send him on a mission to solve a murder. If he solves it he is allowed to see his girlfriend again.

Suddenly the fish gods flee in a panic: The fisher woman who hated the fish gods had arrived. She tells the pirate her story. Her 7 children where enslaved as babies by Harlequino. He did this is by order of the nine fish gods. Before the Fisher woman can finish her story the nine fish gods summon a dove to separate the pirate and the fisher woman. The dove urges the pirate to fulfil the assignment the nine fish gods gave him. To solve the murder of the girl in the toilet. At that moment he noticed his parrot was gone.

The story splits in two. We follow the parrot’s while he is slowly drowning and the pirate while he gathers persons to investigate the murder.

We enter the mind of the parrot while its drowning witnessing its live from a parrot a trekking fairground circus to meeting the pirate.

then we enter deeper into the mind and witness a story of a world of vampires who keep humans as blood cows while living on a Dyson sphere kept together by blood magic. The humans revolt by injecting a large part of the human cows with a zombie virus which attack with such a ferocious passion even the intellect of the vampires cannot hold out. The Dyson sphere collapses. But does our parrot die in the process?

Meanwhile back on the sea Mister pirate tired of looking for his parrot which seems to have disappeared into the depths of the sea makes a decision. He decides to solve the murder of toilet girl and complete the task the nine fish gods had given him. But to that he needed help. So he started his engine and sailed to the nearest port city to find it.