29 December , 2014

The first fish jumped up out of the water. The fish was quickly followed by a second fish. A third fish appeared from the dark silent waters of the sea. Then the moon began to shine and the grass grew. UFOs appeared where the sky covered the earth for the first time. Water flowed before the nine fishes that appeared and a war between good and evil broke out. The nine fish chose the side of their wish. The first war broke out on the newly created sea. A pirate was there. On the newly created sea, the pirate boat blood surfing on the web and talking to his parrot Archibald. He searched online for the girl with the black top. She was the love of his life but they were separated from each other by the will of the nine fishes who had just made everything. As he typed, the salty tears fell on his keyboard and he mumbled about betrayal, certainty, jealousy, greed, irritation, mission creep, recklessness, drama and justification. Archibald cleaned his beak and looked at the pictures of girls in black tops that scrolled past. Then he said “What do you want to do ?, those fish have something in their head, you will not convince them to let you meet her.” Langbaard replied “That can be true, but I will keep trying until this world is compressed with all the gravity and strength of the situation.” At that moment Archibald saw movement on the horizon. A gigantic wave was rushing to them while the sea was as smooth as a mirror. “There you will have it!” shouted Archibald “They are coming!”. He dived into the ship’s hold. A second after that moment an email appeared in longbeard’s inbox. It was a mail from the woman of his heart. The girl with the black top. She was so named because she always wore a black top. She ensured that her diaphragm was always naked because it looked attractive. The mail she sent to Langbaard, whom she loved because he had a boat to fight a shark that perhaps thought it was necessary to eat pirates, parrots and tasty girls with bared midriff, had the following message:

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