The fisher woman arrives
The fisher woman arrives
January 13, 2015

Before Langbaard could finish his business with the god fish they disappeared underneath the water causing a huge maelstrom making the pirate’s ship spin violently around. Langbaard had to hold on for dear life to not be cast overboard.

The fisher woman had arrived. She was hunting the fish gods for revenge. she had thrown her fisher hook right in the middle of the school of fish when they where talking to Langbaard scaring the shit out of them. The fisher woman was so large that she could stand in the ocean and now she came running towards the pirates ship to see if she had caught anything. Disappointed she had not she wanted to turn around when she spotted langbaards ship still spinning on the ocean. She stopped it from spinning with her finger and curiously looked at the tiny man puking his guts out. When Langbaard was done he looked into a gigantic face and was feeling worse then before. “Who are you?” he asked.

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