The dove intervenes
The dove intervenes
February 21, 2015
dowtrick paling the dove

At that point in the story of the fisher woman the nine fish had gathered strength and almost overcame their fear, and so they summoned up before their fancy a beautiful dove crowned with a garland, a very powerful henchman by the name of Dowtrick Paling, a meaty, vigorous Pigeon and a true watch-dog of graft for the machine, who worked with¬† all the officers of the current school of fish–and saw that such minor matters were properly equalized.

He conjured up massive waves  throwing the fishing woman and Langnek Bloedbaard far apart form each other.

Langneck was disappointed by this (He liked the story about Pipistreli and Harlequino and was curious about the ending) and the fisher woman furious. As those massive waves struck the boat, and threw volumes of water into our laps, she felt inclined to shriek at the speed at which the pirate was flying away from her. But soon Bloedbaard could not hear her any more. The dove turned to him and said in a thunderous voice “Solve the murder!” and then bloedbaard was alone. Langneck looked round and missed someone, where the hell did his parrot go, he wondered.

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