No sense
No sense
January 3, 2015

This made no sense to Langbaard. But he didn’t even have time to read the whole mail because the nine fish where upon him. hell bend over his little ship. Archibald the parrot had gone overboard and was slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Langbaard closed his computer and got outside to talk to the fish gods. there where nine fish gods each with their own speciality: Betrayal, Certainty, Greed, Jealousy, Mission-creep, Pain, Recklessness, Justice & Drama. Certainty moved his gigantic head towards the pirate who greeted them when he went outside the cabin.

With a very stinky fish breath he overwhelmed langbaard’s sense’s when he asked: “We want you to look into a murder”. This puzzled the pirate because he had no expertise on the matter of murder. So he asked “why would you want me to do that?, I have no idea how to do that”. Mission-creep said “you will learn soon enough, here is some gold and diamonds to hire other people who may help you on this quest” The pirate who liked gold but was disappointed he had to give it to other people asked “And what do I get out of it?” Drama answered “you will be able to see your love again : The girl with the black top” This made the pirate fall to his knees of happiness but the fish gods did not give him time to enjoy his feelings. “Here is a picture of the crime scene”  Pain said. “Study it vigorously before you choose the people you will need to solve the riddle” Justice said. “I thought it was a murder?” Langbaard said to himself in his head.

Murderscene in toilet 010 Murderscene in toilet 009

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